Karnataka is an agrarian State. More than 70 % of the Population of the State are dependent on agricultural activities. Agricultural sector is an unsecured and is depending upon the uncertain rainfall. There are many such where the farmers gave up the sowing due to delayed rainfall during a season. More
Name Match
Artificial Intelligence, trivially, is the “Intelligence exhibited by machines”. We intuitively find a machine intelligent when it “behaves” like us. Alan Turing, the father of Computer Science and AI, prescribed the same test to call a computer “intelligent”. More
DISHAANK MOBILE APP :- A MUST BEFORE PURCHASE OF ANY PROPERTY . Dear Citizen, Use DISHAANK to stand at any spot & know its revenue survey number to avoid getting cheated in purchase of land. Owner name & land details are shown. More
Election Excise Enforcement Reporting System (EEERS)
EEERS is a IT system used to monitor cases registered on Violation of Licence condition by shops . More