The Bhoomi-Bank Integration scheme, designed to simplify the process of giving loans for farmers having land. Under this scheme, Bhoomi records are integrated with Bank computers to simplify the application process. (Bhoomi is a flagship project of the Karnataka state government, aimed at improving computerized maintenance, online delivery and management of land records.). Almost all Banks all over Karnataka state have access to the Bhoomi Bank web application. It has detailed information about agricultural land of Karnataka state, which has detailed information of owner’s, extent and liabilities if any. Under the old system, farmers had to file loan applications at the banks and at revenue offices. Farmers had to run between Banks and the Revenue office because of procedural formalities for getting loans. Now, the Bhoomi records have been integrated with the bank's data; it has become easy for pledging, releasing the properties.

Advantages to Bankers:

• Use of Bhoomi database for creation of charge and clearance.
• RTC of the selected owner is exposed to the banker with owners’ extents and other liabilities if any;
• If the mutation is in progress on the same land, it is notified to the banker.
• Easy and User friendly software for creation of charge and release of mortgage.
• MIS Report to Bankers as per their needs.

Benefits to the Public:

• Single Window Agency System to Citizen.
• Loan process is faster since Bhoomi bank integration achieved.