Pahani Online is simply getting ORIGINAL RECORD OF RIGHTS on Internet anywhere and anytime. You can pay Rs. 10 online and get your RTC from anywhere. First time in the country, this is a unique initiative by Government of Karnataka. RTC wallet system is allowing ANY local entrepreneur to open online account with Revenue Department and put upto Rs 1000 in RTC More
Citizen Login
This portal helps the citizen for raising the Application Request and upload of challan.. More
Kaveri & Bhoomi have been integrated since 2006. Form J in XML file format are being... More
The Bhoomi-Bank Integration scheme, designed to simplify the process of giving loans... More
Citizen registration
Citizen may register their AADHAR Number and mobile number to get SMS alerts about mutations on Agricultural land More
Anybody can view any survey number RTC, Facility to view Present RTC More
The purpose of this project is to develop a system to automate the process Land acquisition... More
Parihara (Input Subsidy)
Karnataka is an agrarian State. More than 70 % of the Population of the State are dependent on agricultural activities. Agricultural sector is an unsecured and is depending upon the uncertain rainfall. There are many such where the farmers gave up the sowing due to delayed rainfall during a season. More

Citizen can verify the reality of RTC by sending SMS as KA BHOOMI (RTC UNIQUE NUMBER) to 161

Citizen can Know the status of mutation request by sending SMS as KA BHOOMI (GSC NUMBER) to 161